How You Get It

You’ve wanted this kind of detailed information on Omnis Studio for a long time. Now it’s here! To purchase “Variables and Fields”, "List Variable Definitions" or "List Variable Operations", just contact David Swain. Payment by credit card is the most convenient. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are all accepted. For added convenience for one-time purchasers, we have also added a PayPal link further down this page for each book (so you can also use your PayPal account as well as credit card or bank draft payments). Checks in US funds drawn on a US bank are also accepted (see “Snail mail” below). Sorry, we do not accept bank wire transfers or checks drawn on non-US banks.

There are many ways to order:


For one-time payments, this could be the most convenient method. PayPal is a secure online payment service that has become very popular. Be aware that clicking a Buy Now link below will only get you the book you specify, so to purchase all three volumes currently available it is necessary to go through the process three times.

Once we receive email notification from PayPal that your payment has been made, we create our own invoice/receipt for you and send out the item you purchased via email. Because we learn about your payment by email, there can be some delay on weekends and when David is on the road training or at conferences or he otherwise does not have email access (or if the payment is made in the middle of the night in our local time zone), but rest assured that we will get this out to you as soon as possible. The longest delay to date has been less than three days, with most orders being fulfilled within half an hour.

Your credit card will not be on file with us, so you cannot join David's SmartList in this way. Click here to purchase a specific book through PayPal:

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Volume I - Variables and Fields
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Volume II - List Variable Definitions
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Volume III - List Variable Operations

Send your information via email. If you have security concerns, there are a number of ways to “disguise” the credit card information. It can be sent in multiple emails. It can be placed on multiple lines or interspersed with other characters. Some of the numbers can be written out in text. The information can also be enclosed in a pdf or jpg document.



If you prefer to give your credit card information verbally, this option is also available. If you don’t get directly through and are concerned about the security of voicemail, you can leave a message and David Swain will return your call. As with faxes sent here, only David can access the voicemail service.

Snail mail:

If you prefer to pay by check, you can send a check for US$30.00 drawn on a US bank to:

David Swain - OmniScience
406 E. High Street
Manchester, NH 03104-5150

Checks drawn on non-US banks will be returned. The cost of accepting such a check, or the cost of receiving payment by international funds transfer, is greater than the price of the book!

Please make out the check to Polymath Business Systems. Don’t forget to include your email address, since this is how we must send you the file.