Demonstration Libraries

If you didn’t see it here first, your source probably did.

Often when I respond to questions on the Omnis Underground list, the answers are a bit long and involved and sometimes they need an example library to demonstrate what I’m talking about. I have decided to post those long text discussions and demonstration libraries here on my web site rather than clogging up the list with excess verbiage and unwanted enclosures.

This is also the place to download example libraries that accompany my articles in the Omnis Tech News. When possible (that is, once the newsletter has been posted on the site), I provide a link to that issue as well.

A verbal explanation (when there is one) is provided through a hypertext link in the Subject column and the demo library (when there is one) is obtained through a hypertext link in the File Link column.

As of October 18, 2006, Raining Data US has decided to no longer pay me for articles written for Omnis Tech news. Our agreement from the beginning of Omnis Tech news in early 2001 was that I would be kept up to date with all software relevant to my writing and training efforts, be given a current 25 user web server license for classroom and conference training purposes and be paid US$200.00 per article. New management feels (I guess - I have not talked with any decision-makers) that this is excessive. They will continue the free software part of the agreement (which costs them nothing) as long as I continue writing Omnis Tech News and performing other activities (conference sessions, magazine articles, trainings, etc.) that promote their Omnis product line, but they will no longer support my writing for their own newsletter with any cash outlay.

Because I must rely on such revenues to continue, I am now placing a PayPal donation button here. I have heard from many people in the past how my explanations and examples (either found here or on other people's sites) have saved them time and money. If you feel that way and would like to contribute at some point, I would be very grateful in return.

All explanations and demonstration libraries are copyright by David Swain. You are free to use them in your own work, both for yourself and for your custom development clients, but you are expressly prohibited from using these, in whole or in part, in any works (whether free of charge or fee-based) intended as educational or explanatory documents or libraries for the Omnis community or in commercial products used to enhance Omnis Studio development without specific permission and agreed upon acknowledgement and/or compensation. Please direct your readers to this page for this information instead with a web link.




File Link



Cumulative Sorting

Ray Briggs II


18 Dec 2002

19 Dec 2002

Properties as Variables

Bill Pope


20 Dec 2002


Keystroke Events

Tech News


7 Jan 2003


Status Events

Tech News


12 Jan 2003


Reference Parameters

Tech News


22 Jan 2003


Record Highlighting - Fixed Height

Doug Kuyvenhoven


24 Jan 2003

29 Jan 2003

Record Highlighting - General Doug Kuyvenhoven secHighlightGen.sit 26 Jan 2003 29 Jan 2003

style() Function

Tech News


26 Mar 2003


Dynamic Tab Captions

Philippe Sarfati


8 Apr 2003


Icon Dropdown List

Arjan van Dijk


14 Apr 2003


style() Continued - Remote Forms

Tech News


9 Apr 2003


Paste from Pushbutton Rémy Larochelle pasteDemo.sit 7 May 2003  
Menu Lines and Methods Tech News menudemo1.sit 11 Jun 2003  
Conserving Menu Lines Tech News menucons.sit 26 Jun 2003  
Popup Menu Fields Tech News popmenus.sit 24 Jul 2003  
Resize Fields on Window Resize Tech News fieldResize.sit 27 Nov 2003  
Arrow Keys for Complex Grids Michael Mantkowski compgridarrow.sit 6 Sep 2004  
Multipurpose Reports Tech News mpreports.sit 3 Feb 2005  
Multiple Task Example Tech News taskdemo.sit 25 May 2005 22 June 2005
Click-Copy with Flash Effect Grant Thiessen


30 May 2005  
Installing Studio 4.1 on Mac OS X Tech News   13 Apr 2006  
Environment Variable Editor Tech News 18 Oct 2006  
Carrying Over Aggregate Values Tech News 18 Mar 2010