Click-Copy with Flash

Grant Thiessen posed this question to the Omnis Underground list:

Behind an entry field, I am using the following code, which I had understood from a previous thread, can be used in place of an invisible button area. The code works fine, operating only when not in #EDATA, as expected.

On evClick
    If len(StASIN)>0
        Copy to clipboard StASIN
    End If

However, I would like to indicate to the user that the action has happened, with some sort of visual cue (sounding the bell is not a useful cue, since it can be triggered with other mis-clicks.)

I am using a Style (CtrlEditText) on the field, which limits the properties which can be triggered. Is there anything which can be used to simulate a flash, short of going back to the button area?

The answer I suggested to him, which met with his approval, was to switch on mouse event detection for that field, separately detect and react to evMouseDown and evMouseUp and swap fieldstyles with one that gave the desired visual indication that something had happened. The library presented here impliments that suggestion. This library is written in Omnis Studio version 4.0.x.