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Managing the Sort Direction Indicator for a Headed List Field

Published: 28 November, 2005

Omnis Studio provides the ability to display a sort direction indicator in the column header of a Headed List field. But there are very good reasons why this feature does not operate automatically. Instead, it relies on us to provide sort column and direction tracking. Learn how here. This paper also includes information on other Headed List features and useful techniques for working with this powerful list display field type. 11 pages plus example library with one window.

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Formatting and Display of String Segment Values

Published: 13 June, 2006

Omnis Studio version 4.1 now allows us to apply a display mask to a string in a calculation using a new function named format(). This paper explores the evolution of data display formatting to help the Omnis developer understand why certain features work the way they do as well as how to best take advantage of them. It also includes a detailed discussion of input and display mask features of which the developer may not be aware. 28 pages plus example library with 10 windows and 2 remote forms.


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Graph2 Text Formatting and
Color Value Options

Published 25 August, 2006

Omnis Studio version 4.1 began shipping with a new graphing component named Graph2. This is now the official, supported graphing component - but the official documentation still leaves out quite a bit of information on some very useful features. This is especially true regarding the rich set of text formatting and color control options (including transparency!) that this component supports. This Monograph attempts to fill that void for those who would like to create truly professional-looking applications. 21 pages plus 3 example libraries (Omnis Studio versions 4.1, 4.1 Unicode and 4.2).


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Creating a Tab Strip Based Directory List Window



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