Fall 2010 Training Announced

We are trying something new, which we hope will make getting great Omnis Studio training easier and more convenient for you no matter where you might be. We are now offering Omnis Studio training online, using the GoToMeeting service from Citrix.

We are also designing and selling our courses on a daily basis - and a few are only half-day sessions. Many are clustered together in a comprehensive series, which could go on for a week or longer. But unlike a classroom course where we need to sell weekly access to a class to cover meeting room, travel and other expenses, Students can register for only those days of a course they feel will be useful to them. More on this on the Training News page.

Experience Counts - We've Got Plenty

David Swain has been training people to use the current version of Omnis since 1984. He has also been the most prolific author about Omnis programming and the most frequent speaker at international Omnis conferences for the past decade. We know a thing or two about Omnis Studio - it's our business to help you understand it too.

Purpose of this Site

This site is intended as an online education store for Omnis Studio programmers around the world. There are a number of electronic books, articles and developer aids available for purchase here - and quite a few free samples as well. In addition, you can also learn about upcoming training opportunities and conferences where you can improve your Omnis Studio skills under David's direction in a classroom environment.

More useful content will be added as we can create it. Come back often to see what's new!