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David Swain has been training people to use the current version of Omnis since 1984. There is no better source for Omnis Studio training in the world. He has also been the most prolific author about Omnis programming and the most frequent speaker at international Omnis conferences for the past decade. We know a thing or two about Omnis Studio - it's our business to help you understand it too.

A New Specialty - MySQL

In February, 2007, David joined the in-house training team at MySQL AB. A year later, that company became part of Sun Microsystems - and then two years after that, Sun was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Each of these changes has given him a broader range of expertise to apply to Omnis Studio training - if less time to provide that training.

Then, on May 3, 2010, Oracle decided to cut MySQL training staff "for financial reasons" and David was again an independent individual. While this action came as an abrupt surprise, it also came at an appropriate time. Oracle University curriculum management had just announced that they would begin "dumbing down" the MySQL training materials to make it easier for their existing staff to present those courses - requiring no expertise, experience or understanding of MySQL to present those "revised" courses. David follows a different training philosophy regarding teaching programming skills and would not have lasted long at Oracle once those "improved" courses were implemented.

So it's time to expand the scope of to embrace in-depth training on MySQL as well! Omnis Studio classes will again be offered on a more regular basis - many being given online to make them more accessible (and less expensive) for students around the world. But a range of couses on MySQL - and MySQL combined with Omnis Studio - will also be added to the mix. This will take some time to build, but we hope you will be happy with the results!

Purpose of this Site

This site is intended as an online education store for Omnis Studio and MySQL programmers around the world. There are a number of electronic books, articles and developer aids available for purchase here - and quite a few free samples as well. In addition, you can also learn about upcoming training opportunities and conferences where you can improve your Omnis Studio and/or MySQL skills under David's direction in a classroom environment.

More useful content will be added as we can create it. Come back often to see what's new!